In 1930 the Badel family founded the company Braća Badel, specialized in vinegar, alcohol and liquor production and located in Sesvete, near Zagreb. Throughout the history and surviving several political changes, the company has operated either independently or as part of larger systems.

In March 2011 BADEL purchased the company SEGESTICA Ltd. The manufacturing facilities of both companies merged and BADEL moved its entire production from Sesvete to Sisak, reanimating the former manufacturing and technological capacities of SEGESTICA’s facilities, enabling the top quality production of vinegar, liquor and service production of private labels in both segments.

Thanks to over eighty years long tradition, BADEL is considered to be a complete manufacturer, renowned for its dedication to systematic development and pioneer of new trends in vinegar and liquor production. The products of its finest vinegar assortment KISKO, liquor assortment VODKA TROJKA and SEGESTICA obtain nowadays the biggest market success, as well as its industrial offer in these segments.

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Kisko Segestica Trojka Vodka